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Carron Baths

Carron Baths

Carron baths are one of the leading bath manufacturers in the industry, known for their superb styles and incredible quality, indulging in a Carron bath is one of the best decisions you can make when designing your new bathroom. Whether you're looking for that special centrepiece to impress or just a high quality bath that will last your for years, the Carron bath collection has a style to suit everyone. With two superb collections to choose from, Carron & Carronite, both offering superb quality, whilst the patented Carronite material offers increased strength and durability. Use the filters down the left hand side to help narrow down the selection and find exactly the right bath for your dream bathroom.

What Does Carron Have To Offer?

From beautiful Freestanding baths to deluxe Double Ended baths, Carron pushes the boat out when ensuring their ranges fulfil every aspect of your ideal bath. Using each range to allow buyers to find their favourite design style, so whether you're looking for classic or contemporary and haven't decided on the type of bath you'd like, simply find a style you love and you'll be able to browse all the different types of baths in the range. Whilst there are many ranges for you to enjoy, some of the most popular include Carron Quantum, Carron Axis & Carron Swallow. Many feature extra customisations that help make it yours, from panels & pillows to twingrips & showerscreens, be sure to take a look at the extras available with the bath you choose.

Warranty - The Carron Promise

With over 30 years manufacturing baths, Carron have developed their own patented formulas that will ensure your bath will last you longer than any other brand. For this reason, they stand by their products and offer a 20 year warranty on all Carron baths and an outstanding 30 year warranty on all Carronite products. If you experience any issues with your bath, simply contact ourselves or Carron direct & we'll do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible

Carron Baths Official Reseller

Choose Your Bath Design

Single Ended Baths

Carron Single Ended baths are perfect for the everyday bathroom, offering superb comfort and style at an affordable pice. Single ended baths come in an array of shapes, sizes and designs, each with their own appeal and extras. Many offer the option of adding twingrips which is perfect for those with difficulty getting in/out of the bath or the elderly, whilst others offer a superdeep model for those that love a hot, bubble filled soak after a long day at work. Nearly allsingle ended baths are available in Carron & Carronite with so host of options so browse our collection and build the perfect bath to suit your needs.
Carron Single Ended Baths

Carron Double Ended Baths

Double Ended Baths

Looking for some extra space? Carron Double Ended baths are perfect for those that love the extra room, for that romantic night in or easier access, double ended baths allow you more flexibility without any arguments about getting stuck with 'the tap end'. Double ended baths feature a center waste, allowing you to relax and enjoy a change of scenery from either end, something single ended baths can't offer. Also available in both Carron and Carronite, you will find additional upgrades and options on each of our double ended baths.


Carron understand that many people have limited space & budget to work with and have built a beautiful range of showerbaths that cover a shower enclosure and bath in one area. The Carron showerbaths are available in a variety of designs from contemporary to classic, each available with a beautiful shower screen that will keep water and splashes where they are supposed to be. All our showerbaths and screens are built from incredible quality ensuring that your purchase will look as good in 5 years as it did the day you bought it.
Carron Showerbaths

Carron Freestanding Bath

Freestanding Baths

Looking for luxury? Carron Freestanding baths are the centrepiece of any bathroom, it will be the main feature that all your house guests will comment on and envy. Whilst slightly more expensive than other bath styles, Freestanding baths offer a one piece kit that requires very little installation, allowing you to plan your bathroom design style as you please, without worrying about wall tiles and plumbing. Choosing a Freestanding bath will be the best decision you ever made, giving your bathroom a truly modern touch of luxury that other styles simply cannot match.

Corner Baths

Some of us want more room to splash about or sit up, introducing the Carron Corner Bath collection. Made to the same impeccable quality, our Corner Baths are available in a multitude designs styles and sizes. Choose your depth & diameter along with the bath material to build the perfect corner bath to suit your bathroom styles & budget. Corner baths offer an excellent space saving advantage over their cousins, making the most of available space in a sleek, modern design feature that will compliment your bathroom.
Carron Corner Baths

Choose Your Bath Style

Quantum Baths

One of the most popular collections from Carron, the Quantum bath range offers stunning contemporary design, blended with superb quality & an excellent price point in a variety of different bath types. Featuring modern, clean cut minimalist edges and sleek paneling, a Quantum bath fits in perfectly with any modern home bathroom. Available in Single Ended, Double Ended and more, Carron Quantum baths are of the most versatile ranges, so if you like the contemporary style be sure to take a look a full range that Quantum has to offer.
Carron Quantum Baths
Carron Delta Baths

Delta Baths

Modern curves and sloping corners, the Carron Delta bath collection features some beautiful designs, bringing luxury & comfort together in a stunning package that is perfect for the home bathroom. Why not upgrade this beautiful bath to Carrons patented formula, Carronite, and enjoy a sturdier build with 30% increased heat retention. The Delta range also includes a fabulous showerbath, available in left-handed & right-handed versions, featuring the same beautiful sloping corners but with the added functionality of a shower area.

Halcyon Baths

Beautiful centre pieces, Freestanding baths are the perfect touch of luxury that will suit any modern bathroom. The Halcyon bath range features contemporary designs, minimalistic edges, sleek corners & a stunning finish. Available in crisp, clean white or a variety a smooth tone colours, the Halcyon range delivers luxury freestanding baths in a colour scheme and style to suit your new or existing bathroom, with a superb build quality and an outstanding 20-30 year warranty. Why not also take a look at our beautiful range of Freestanding Taps, the perfect addition to complete your new freestanding bath.
Carron Halcyon Baths

Carron Prado Showerbath

Prado Showerbaths

One of our favourite Showerbaths, the Prado design shines beautifully & features awe-inspiring lines, curves and sweeping bends. The perfect bath to slide into after a long day, the Prado bath range is built for comfort as well as looks, allowing you to relax and soak the 9-5 grind away in a hot, candle lit bubble bath. Available in Carron and Carronite in variable sizes, the Prado bath range is one of our bestselling showerbaths due to its stunning design and excellent price point.
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