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Bathroom Taps

Bathroom Taps

A stunning collection of Bathroom Taps in an array of shapes, styles & sizes. Your bathroom taps are one of the most used features in your bathroom so why not spend that little extra time and find the perfect taps to complement the design and style of your bathroom. All our bathroom taps are made to a high standard and are available at excellent prices so why not take some time to browse through the ranges and find the perfect tap for your bathroom...

One key component that adds a feel of sophistication and class on the overall outlook are the bathroom taps one selects. We understand it can be a bit exhilarating to select from a wide array of bathroom taps that is out there in the market. Worry not, we are here to help. We offer a great piece of information to help guide your selection of the most appropriate bathroom taps for your specific and unique need. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern. We have compiled a list of vital components to consider in making the right choice in selecting a classic bathroom tap for your bathroom.

When it comes to personal hygiene, the pivotal role played by ones bathroom can never be over emphasized. Indeed we spend a great deal of time in a lifetime in the bathroom and it is only fair to make each moment in there memorable. At, it is our prime objective to make these experiences worth reliving again and again. There are several reasons one might have for shopping for bathroom accessories. One might be designing a new bathroom from scratch or may have a need to change worn out, outdated or damaged bathroom taps. One may also be considering refurbishing an existing bathroom to get a desired look. There may also be those who just want to give their bathroom an enlightening touch as they are redesigning. Whatever the reason, it might be an enormous task to find the necessary information that is all over the market to be able to make an informed choice without any regrets. You cannot allow yourself to go wrong when making such a crucial decision.


When shopping for the appropriate bathroom taps, one’s style is a vital component to consider. Do you prefer a traditional style or a contemporary design? If you appreciate the never aging and timeless feel of bathroom taps with cross head handles that complement your bathroom, then the traditional style is your choice (An example would be the Monte range which can be seen here). On the other hand, if you are endeared to minimalist design, geometric styling of your bathroom taps and some touch sensitive operation; then we also have contemporary styles of various designs that will interest you. Our range of products encompasses traditional brass or copper bathroom taps, modern angulated bathroom taps with levers and classic bathroom taps with curves and much sophisticated design. All in all, our aim is to give your bathroom classic and elegant touch of life that will make your experience memorable. In the end, we hope to deliver a product that will make our customers happy and proud every moment they spend in the all-important room – the bathroom.

 fontaine basin mono mixer


The material the bathroom taps are made of is another critical component to keep in mind. This depends on an individual’s preference and what is appealing to their desire, their family members and in extension friends who will appreciate quality at its best. This coupled with a fine touch of polish will give a splendid personalized look to your bathroom. Bathroom taps made of solid brass have an advantage of not corroding easily hence you will appreciate their service longer. You can choose either recycled brass or opt for virgin brass which does not confer a strange taste to the water. Ceramic bathroom taps are also available. These have less reported cases of wear and tear and are a favorite. They are thus long lasting and ease of using is amazing. Whatever your preference, be sure you will get the various bathroom taps at our facility.


The finish conferred to the bathroom taps is another vital component. What is on the outside matters most and more often than not is what people will see and form their judgment based on it. It therefore has to appeal to the eye. There is a variety of material one can select from ranging from gold, nickel and chrome. Chrome is very popular and has an advantage of not corroding easily or scratching. This confers durability that is appreciated by many. It is also classy, shiny and reflective and has been embedded with a modern touch. The ease of cleaning and maintaining is outstanding and appreciable.  On the other hand nickel has a classic design with a durable tendency. It is tenacious and lustrous in appearance. It is however a bit pricier though but you can be assured to get value for your money. Gold is also popular and trendier plus it is readily available. It also has a touch of elegance associated with it. Its major setback is that it may tarnish over time or peel off. That is why we recommend our clients to choose gold plated bathroom taps or those that are dipped in gold so as to serve them longer and to avoid unnecessary frustrations. Whichever the finish you prefer for your bathroom taps, we assure you to give you the best available in the market.


One also has to consider the various designs available in the market and their functionality in order to make an informed choice. These range from bath mixer taps, shower bath taps, bathroom mixer taps with shower attachment, hand basin taps, cheap bathroom taps, cheap basin taps and bathroom mixer taps.

Mixer taps gain water from both cold and hot water pipes simultaneously, combine their flows then the water comes out in a spout together. This allows the water to come off the bathroom taps at an appropriate temperature hence avoid the chilling and shocking experience of water either being too cold or the annoying feel of one being scalded by water that’s too hot. Quite a good number of us have unfortunately experienced this before and you know how annoying it can be. They have a lever with dual purpose to control the flow of water as well as the temperature.  These are especially ideal for frequent users as one can comfortably get the appropriate temperature of the water one intends to use. You can find mixer taps with ceramic disc technology to ensure a simplistic operation for users. Some also come with adjoining match basins for a coherent finishing.

There is also the bath shower mix taps which have an additional handset of a shower. These allow one to change the flow of water emanating from the taps to the shower accessory. They have a diverter that switches between the regular taps and the shower handset. They are ideal in rinsing off shampoo or for rinsing bath out upon use. They are available in different grand design and with great choice for a traditional feel.

Bath filler taps are available where water is mixed then it flows to a single spout yet there are different controls for the hot and cold water pipes. It requires a bath with two holes for installation.

 Pillar taps are also in stock. These have two separate taps which flow separately to either the bath or a basin. They are available in different designs and one operates the bathroom taps separately to achieve the desired temperature of the bath water.

We also have deck mounted taps in stock that are inserted on pre-drilled holes in the bath or basin. These may be in the form of monoblocs that are fixed in a single hole or pillar taps placed on separate holes in the bath or basin. They have the advantage of simplicity in plumbing and installing and have a definite classy and appealing look.

Wall mounted bathroom taps are another variety. These are mounted on the wall overhanging onto the basin or bath. However, the installation is complicated since the pipes and plumbing is integrated into the wall. It is extremely elegant, fashionable and cozy though. It delivers a contemporary and attractive finish. Moreover, the waterfall spouts emanating from the taps are a spectacle to behold. However one needs to have a valve fitted in the wall and for convenience the bath should be adjacent to the wall. A single lever controls both the water and its temperature.

Then there is the free standing bathroom taps which is a stand-alone unit that is not fixed onto the basin or tub. This is much trendier and classier. They are available in a different range of budget. They create an exquisite visual that is statuesque. They however require a little more space though there are some with a space saving advantage. If you are looking for bathroom taps that speak of style and sophistication then this is the perfect choice for you. Double ended freestanding baths can allow two people bathe comfortably. On the other hand, single ended freestanding bath can be pushed against a wall and is ideal for smaller bathrooms with limited space. With a freestanding bathroom tap, one enjoys the luxury of filling the tub to the brim for a refreshing bath.


One key component you have to factor in is the tap vis-à-vis the pressure system you have installed in your abode. That is high pressure system verses low pressure system. If you have low pressure system (for example gravity pressure) installed, then you are limited to low pressure bathroom taps. These include two handles bathroom taps and pillar bathroom taps. However, if you have high pressure system you can have the luxury of selecting either low pressure or high pressure taps. High pressure bathroom taps include single lever mixer, floor standing bathroom taps as well as wall mounted bathroom taps. 

  1. SIZE

The size of the bathroom taps is also a crucial component that must not be overlooked. It is annoying for one to constantly hit the head on the taps since they selected a tap that is too short and inappropriate for the specific basin or bath. Moreover, the bathroom tap is not a stand-alone component since it has to complement the general look of the bathroom and other accessories to achieve a classic look.


The number of ZAP holes is indeed a feature one has to keep in mind when shopping for the requisite bathroom taps. It only makes sense to select bathroom taps that match with the available holes in your basin or tub for convenience and ease of fixing. If you have one hole, a monobloc mixer would be appropriate. In case you have two holes, then pillar taps that are separate would be ideal. A three-hole basin or tub would require a bathroom tap that has separate hot and cold water taps as well as an adjacent waterspout. For one with acrylic baths without an existing tap hole then your installer can drill the number of holes as per your need and taste or you can choose a wall mounted tap.


One may also put into consideration the size of bathroom space available, design of the bath tub for the bathroom tap and also the budget allocated for the taps one is also shopping for.

Whatever the reason you are shopping for an appropriate bathroom tap, we have provided you with the necessary information for you to get the best available at an affordable price as per your tastes and preferences at  This will give your room a stunning and appealing focal point touch with a relaxing atmosphere. We believe that investing in your bathroom is investing in a quality life. You cannot go wrong at such a pivotal component. Ensure you surprise guests and loved ones as they step into your classically designed and furnished bathroom.

Here at you will find a wide array of various bathroom taps to suite your taste and preference. We cover various styles, shapes, designs and sizes of bathroom taps offered at the best competitive prices in the industry. We aim at being the final stop destination for your shopping on bathroom taps. Our competent and well trained staff who respond promptly to our customers concerns and whose main aim is to make our clients happy. Our products are guaranteed to function for longevity and we offer a guarantee of between ten to thirty years. All in all, we understand that for our customers, shopping for the requisite bathroom taps is an experience and we aim at making it as memorable and worth their time and effort as possible.